When in Waco

When Justin and I were in Texas this past November, I begged him to take me to Waco. I had to see the Silos and eat a cupcake from the Gaines’ famous bakery.

Upon arrival, we could tell how popular this attraction was. As we drove around looking for parking, we could see the large amount of people exploring the grounds. I figured it would be busy, but I wasn’t quite expecting THIS craziness for a Friday morning.

The site is beautiful and a lot bigger than I anticipated. The silos stand tall as the main attraction. In addition to the Magnolia Market and Silos Baking Co, there is a large lawn area for gathering and a beautiful garden for guests to wander through. By the lawn, there are plenty of food truck options for drinks and snacks. I could tell the Gaines’ family put a lot of thought and love into creating this space, and I adored all of the details. For example, there are outdoor games and various photo opportunity stations for visitors to enjoy.

While the Silos were aesthetically pleasing, I really couldn’t look around or peruse the shops much as I wanted to. Anywhere I turned or walked, I saw crowds of people. Honestly, this marketplace reminded me of Disneyland because of how crazy busy it was.

Luckily, I purchased my long-awaited cupcake without having to wait in line forever, because we found a Silo’s Baking Co food truck on the lawn. Maybe if we visited during the week or later in the afternoon it would have been less congested with crowds. To be honest though, I don’t think I’ll be returning to Texas anytime soon to find out.