What’s the Deal with Groupon Travel?

Thoughts and Discovery

A couple of years ago, Justin and I were scrolling on Groupon and found some really good deals for trips–even international ones. We had used the discount website for purchases and other experiences, but we weren’t quite sure what to expect for travel.

As we searched through the options, a voucher for a trip to Dublin, with hotel and airfare included, stood out. Justin had studied abroad in Dublin the previous summer; so, if the Groupon somehow didn’t work out, we thought we could figure out other accommodations.

After some discussion, we decided to give it a try, and we booked it! I could not wait to get to Ireland!

Our Challenges Faced After Booking

If the customer lives on the East Coast or in a city with a lot if international flights, these Groupons can be a simple way to travel. For us, however, living in Arizona, we find that it can be a bit more complicated planning our trips.

A lot of the time, these vouchers will include airfare out of JFK, Boston, or maybe LAX if we are lucky. So, if we do end up booking one of these Groupon deals, we have to find our own flights from Arizona or see if the travel company offering the voucher is willing to help us reroute (for an extra fee of course).

We usually like to book our own airfare, so that we can explore another destination on our way home. I really like when we stop on the way home, because it gives us a break from flying, and I feel like I have an easier time adjusting to the time changes.

Thoughts on the Experience

Our trip to Dublin turned out great. We were booked with a decent airline without any delays or cancellations. In addition, our accommodations were good, and our hotel was located in the heart of the city. It wasn’t incredibly fancy, but it was nice for the price we paid.

Our particular voucher included flights from JFK, so we decided to explore New York on our way back to the desert. Although NYC was incredibly chilly, we had a blast! We even went to see Wicked on Broadway.

Would We do it Again?

Overall, we were happy with the deal. Since our trip to Dublin, we have traveled to Iceland as well as Thailand through Groupon deals!

I have to stress though that with these kind of vouchers, flexibility is imperative. Any modification in dates or airport can increase the cost of the voucher. This is why researching average expenses is essential.

Also, I believe that it is always important to read the fine print of the deal. Some Groupons may include extra excursions or guided travel, where as others do not.

Groupon has been awesome for some of our adventures, and hopefully we will have new ones to look forward to soon! 🙂