Taking a Look at Zenni Optical

I am an avid contacts wearer. I love the freedom and comfort they provide–especially while I’m working or driving. Even though I wear my contacts most of the time, I still need a pair of glasses for those days when my eyes need a break. I have always had a difficult time finding a pair of glasses that were both stylish and affordable. Then, my mom told me about Zenni.

Zenni Optical is an online company that sells prescription glasses. They offer a wide variety of style options, and their products are reasonably priced. Once I found a few frames that I liked, I was able to see a “3D” image of myself while wearing them. Although this method is not exactly the same as physically trying them on, it’s pretty convenient!

After making my selection, Justin also decided that he wanted to purchase a pair as well. Once we were ready to check out, we input our prescription information and chose our lenses. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to complete our order! This made us both a little weary…. What exactly were we buying?

Our glasses arrived after about two weeks. We were both excited and nervous to try on our new specs! I chose a style that I’ve never worn before; so, it definitely took me some time to adjust. The quality is decent, and my lenses work well. Justin thinks his frames are a bit too small for his face, but otherwise he enjoys his glasses.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase through Zenni. While customers may receive slightly better quality and “perfect” fitting glasses in person, I think this was the better option for my situation and budget. In addition, I also believe it’s worth mentioning that they have a pretty decent return/exchange policy. So, this company is worth a try in my opinion!

Our new glasses!