Disneyland Maxpass Review

When Justin booked our Disneyland tickets a few years ago, he discovered an upgrade option for the Maxpass. I hadn’t heard of Disney’s Maxpass before, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect; however, it was only 10 extra dollars per person each day, so we figured it was worth a try.

I LOVE Disneyland, but I do not care for large crowds or lines. I mean, who does? Unfortunately, it’s inevitable that the amusement park is going to be at least somewhat busy, if not packed during peak seasons. For as long as I can remember, the Happiest Place on Earth has offered guests their FASTPASS service to help alleviate these long wait times.

Every guest has the ability to obtain a FASTPASS with a valid park ticket. Guests have to place their admission tickets in the ride’s kiosk and return to the attraction at the scheduled time. This reservation service is great for those rides with exuberant lines, because FASTPASS guests basically walk right on! While utilizing this amenity requires some strategic planning (and maybe some running), it’s totally worth it!

From my perspective, Disneyland’s Maxpass is an extension to this original park perk. When we purchased the Maxpass, we were able to view current wait times and book our FASTPASS selections from the Disneyland app on our phones. This is so incredibly convenient! In addition, the app allowed us to schedule multiple–up to 3 I believe?–reservations at once. We mapped out our day during the few times we waited in line. With this upgrade, we were also able to download all of our ride and park photos. No more horrible screen shots!

Taken by a photographer at California Adventure. I downloaded it with the Maxpass!

Unfortunately, only a select number of attractions provide the FASTPASS service. For this reason, there are rides, such as Peter Pan, that will probably have long wait times throughout the day. In addition, FASTPASS offerings are NOT guaranteed. This means that reservations may fill up quickly! I also believe that the price of the Maxpass has increased to 15 dollars now. While that amount doesn’t seem like a whole lot, every cost adds up quickly at Disney. Despite these disadvantages, I still truly love the Maxpass. During our last two visits, we arrived right at opening and were able to ride everything we wanted by lunch time.

Now that I have used the Maxpass at Disneyland and California Adventure, I don’t think that I can go back standing in line for hours. This service has immensely enhanced our experiences! I’m already saving for our next visit!