Pump Rules or Does It?

Our Experience Dining at SUR

What is SUR?

Last December, we drove out to California for a Disneyland trip. At the time, I was really into Vanderpump Rules and desperately wanted to visit SUR. For those not familiar with the Bravo reality show, SUR is one of Lisa Vanderpump’s (a former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills) concept restaurants. SUR stands for Sexy and Unique Restaurant. Yes, the name is a little redundant. They serve a variety of food and drink options to satisfy every type of palate.

Our Arrival

Even though we planned on dining during a weeknight, we weren’t sure how busy the restaurant was going to be; therefore, we prepared and made reservations. Once we arrived (on time, might I add), the host sat us in the bar area before seating us at our table. This practice is a little odd, in my opinion. My best guess is that they want customers to purchase more alcohol. Because they were out of LVP’s Rosé Sangria, I ordered the Red Sangria instead. My drink wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t my favorite either. I’d rate the sangria a 6/10 at best. I’m pretty picky with drinks, though.

Dining Room

After we spent about half an hour in the bar/lounge area, the host directed us to our table. This restaurant is a bit of a maze, and there are multiple rooms to dine in. Even though I don’t care for the layout, I think that the decor is tasteful and trendy throughout the establishment.

Once seated, we were greeted by our server. She was friendly and kind. We had some time to browse the menu and decided on what we wanted to order. After some deliberation, I ultimately chose the Grilled Skirt Steak entree.

Our food arrived promptly, and we all enjoyed our meals. My steak was cooked to my preference, and the sides complemented it well. The food was better than I expected, but this definitely was not the best meal I’ve ever had. Even though we were happy with our dinner and service, we thought the prices were a little steep. My plate alone cost us $30. Because of it’s popularity and location, we anticipated some inflation.

Overall Thoughts

Despite the fact that we didn’t bump into any of the stars from the show, we enjoyed our experience dining at SUR. I’d definitely recommend it to any fan of The Real Housewives or Vanderpump Rules. While I would return for another meal, I’d probably like to try some other establishments in the area first.

Have you ever dined at SUR or one of LVP’s other restaurants?