Preserving Travel Memories

After I started traveling, I couldn’t decide what to do with all of my photos, ticket stubs, and momentos. Now, I have a few different ways that I like to document my travel experiences.

First, I have a scratch off world map on my bedroom wall. Each time I come home from a new destination, I love to scrape that top layer off! It’s exciting to see all the places I’ve been. I like to day dream about those that I still want to visit, too.

I also have a travel journal. I found this Mead notebook a few years ago while rummaging through Target. Inside, it has maps, sticker sheets, pockets for keepsakes, and various paper options for documenting memories. I love to use the stickers to mark everywhere I’ve traveled to. I also like to scrapbook a few of my favorite photos from each vacation.

For items that may be too big to place in my journal, I have a travel specific memory box. I found mine at Michael’s, and it was only $2! This box is so cute! I love that it keeps everything neat and organized on my bookshelf.

In addition, I also utilize Travel Listography. In this workbook, I can highlight all of my past adventures and think about those that I hope to have someday. This book is especially good for preserving memories I don’t have photos of. I also bought this at Target.

Finally, I like to buy purposeful souvenirs. For example, I found these adorable coasters decorated with cherry blossoms at one of the Smithsonian Museums. Now every time I enjoy an iced coffee, I think about our trip to Washington D.C. last February.

Is there anything special that you do to remember your vacations?

2 thoughts on “Preserving Travel Memories

  1. Sarah G. says:

    I’m a magnet and shot glass girl. I try to buy them at quirky shops instead of just your typical gift shops so I can tell the story of the place as well. For example, my last trip was to Boston and I got a magnet from The Union Oyster House. This is America’s oldest continuously operating restaurant opening its doors in 1826! Oh the things that restaurant has probably seen!! I also got a Red Sox shot glass, but there’s no story other than my giant obsession with Boston sports.

    Also: Love Target and their treasures!

    • melaniefleming says:

      That’s so fun! My brother and his wife love travel magnets for their fridge. So we try and find them the best ones we can while out and about! How cool about The Union Oyster House!! I never knew that.

      I won’t lie I have a few cheesy snow globes ?. In Ireland they had this super cute sheep named Wacky Wooly, and he was in all the gift shops. I couldn’t leave without his darn snow globe!

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